Boss’s backing small business, fiction or reality?

A movie is only as good as its memorable quotes.  When you take the time to invest an hour and a half of time in a film, the least it can do is provide its fair share of one-liner material and though provoking dialogue to walk away with.  First Snow doesn’t disappoint from the opening credits, offering more than a few gems for audiences


-          Jimmy Sparks:  “This road you’re on… you put yourself on this road… on this exact night. Who chose this? A man makes his destiny,, right? Nothing makes the gods laugh harder (opening monologue)


-          Vacaro:  “I saw… no more roads.  No more tomorrows.  Not much time left.”


-          Jimmy:  “Nah, it’s probably one of those autodialers, lowest form of organic life, a telemarketer.”


-          Vacaro:  “One thing is certain… You will be safe until the first snow”


-          Jimmy:  “I was thinking, that split second before I almost became road meat” -          Deidre:  “F*ck you, don’t even joke” -          Jimmy:  “How I would miss the smell of your hair, the soft curve of your neck, how I might check out without touching my angel one last time” -          Deidre:  “You Thought all that in one second?” -          Jimmy:  “Yeah” -          Diedre:  “It’s amazing.  This guy still thinks he’s getting laid” Read all »

The roadside soothsayer’s prediction of the future

How would you react if told, however vaguely, that you only had a short time to live? First Snow, a 2006 film directed by Mark Fergus and starring Guy Pearce, deals with the effects of knowledge of the future and how this affects a person.

Jimmy Starks (Pearce) finds himself before Vacaro (J.K. Simmons) and told that while he is headed toward much positvity, there is no future to foretell after the first snow. As the first prediction proves true–a new business Read all »

Do soothsayer’s still exist? Did they ever?

First things first. What is a soothsayer? The word means to say the truth. A soothsayer is a person that says the truth of a situation, or to see what will happen in the future. They have been called by many names. Prophets, oracles, fortune tellers, psychics, seers and visionaries are just a few titles. Those who can see, have been mentioned through out all of history. Soothsayers have been sought out by people to get the answer they feel they so desperately need. Some think Read all »

The over all feel of First Snow

Are you a thriller movie fanatic? Do you love finding great movies that can cause you to feel exhilaration, fear, and even terror? Are you always searching for that next new movie induced adrenaline rush? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the movie First Snow is for you!

First Snow is in the most basic sense a mystery film with a mix of suspenseful and metaphysical elements. It stars Guy Pearce, who plays a salesman who, due to a twist of fate – Read all »

Jimmy Starks, Good or Bad Character?

Some say Jimmy Starks is good, some say he’s bad, but what is he really? It’s not his fault that the fortune teller predicted he would die before the first snow of winter. As his anxieties grow, he wonders if he can somehow escape his fate. He goes through so many near death experiences that it really makes you worry whether he’s gonna make it to the end of the movie or not. Was he a bad character, and that’s why the psychic told him he is going to be fine until the Read all »

A soothsayer in a new movie

Shakespeaere used many soothsayers in his plays. The soohsayers furthered the plot or brought dire warnings. If soothsayers were not available, the weird sisters who haunt Macbeth or a ghost will do. Modern film makers do not use this technique often. Directos and producers tend to shy away from this technique today, although this is not always the case. One of the most prominent examples of a soothsayers in movies is the movie First Snow.

Mark Fergus’s movie opens with advice given by a psychic to a stranded traveller in a snow storm a Read all »

The Career of Mark Fergus

So you happened to catch First Snow on one of your DirectStarTV packages and now you’re more than interested in the cast and crew. Director Mark Fergus has a long career in the film industry and if you’d like to check out more of his stuff use our list as a starting point:
Iron Man: Mark worked as a writer on this summer blockbuster…who knew he had such a propensity for big budget Read all »

First Snow, A Movie Review Post

The film First Snow is a thrilling drama about what happens when a man believes an ominous psychic reading that he receives. It was written and directed by Mark Fergus. It was a big stepping stone in the writing career of Fergus, but to date it remains the only film that he has directed. Guy Pearce puts on a convincing performance as the protagonist Jimmy Starks, who falls into a state of complete paranoia after Read all »

A Movie Review of First Snow

First Snow is a pretty darn good thriller about a man with a tainted past. He goes back to that past to try to change his future. The movie stars Guy Pearce, who is perfect for the role and does a great acting job. Pearce, as he often does, plays a character that we are not particularly fond of, but the character is very interesting and the plot revolves around the events of his life.

The movie begins with Jimmy Stark, Pearce’s character, stranded outside of the town as he waits for his vehicle Read all »

The Official Review of First Snow

First Snow is a movie directed by Mark Fergus, and was released in April of 2007. Guy Pearce stars as the confident main character, Jimmy, whose life turns around after coming across a fortune-teller in an RV in the middle of the desert. The fortune-teller, J.K Simmons, gets a very bad vibe while holding Jimmy’s hand, and tells him that it mostly likely means death. Although he won’t die before the first snow fall. The audience watches Jimmy from becoming this confident bar-owner Read all »